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Why Use a Mineral Rights Broker?

A Petroleum Evaluations Group broker can help you receive 20 to 50% more than your current highest offer.
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Why Use a Mineral Rights Broker?

Mineral Rights Brokerage Process

Should I Hire A Mineral Rights Broker?

A mineral rights broker can help you sell your mineral rights for a much higher price than you could on your own. This is particularly true for mineral owners with limited experience in the oil and gas industry. Our brokers could help you receive as much as 20% to 50% more than your current highest offer while charging a commission of only between 1% and 6%. The result is more money in your pocket and peace-of-mind through the mineral rights selling process.

What Does a Mineral Rights Broker Do?

A mineral rights broker does four things: they market your mineral rights, they negotiate a sale, they review legal documents, and collaborate with mineral appraisers.

Marketing Your Mineral Rights

​Over the years Petroleum Evaluations Group has developed a strong relationship with a large network of mineral acquisition companies, allowing us to market your minerals to a large number of potential buyers. This results in more competition, and therefore, higher offers. As part of the marketing process, our brokers will list your  mineral rights for sale on the Petroleum Evaluations Group Listing Page  which reaches a large number of established mineral buyers. Keep in mind that our brokers only take a commission for new offers. If they can not find you a better offer than you have already received, then they do not take any commission.

Negotiating a Sale

The sale of mineral rights is a negotiation. Petroleum Evaluations Group brings the full technical knowledge and experience of an oil and gas company to your side of the negotiating table. We know how much a mineral acquisition company should be willing to pay for your mineral rights and will push for you to receive that top-dollar offer. Keep in mind that the decision to sell is always in your hands. We are here to advise and assist, but they are your minerals and the decision is always your choice.

Reviewing Legal Documents​

Petroleum Evaluations Group has experience reviewing documents associated with the sale of mineral rights. A mineral rights broker can help make sure that there is no small print that could negatively affect you.

Collaborating With Mineral Appraisers

When you sell or buy a house you will typically have a real estate broker, but you would likely  also have an appraiser establish the value of the property before the transaction. It is no different in the world of mineral rights. Our mineral rights broker collaborates closely with Petroleum Evaluations Group’s technical experts to establish the present value of your mineral rights. After the mineral rights have been sold, our mineral appraisers will also conduct a retrospective appraisal to establish a basis for long-term capital gains tax. Without this, you could end up overpaying taxes to the IRS.

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