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Reservoir Engineering

Technical Consulting Services:


Reservoir Engineering

Petroleum Geology

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If you have questions concerning reservoir engineering, contact Petroleum Evaluations Group.

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The reservoir engineers at Petroleum Evaluations Group provide independent third-party, reserve and resource estimates. We can also assist with field development and operation, secondary recovery operations, and oil and gas property valuation.

Petroleum Evaluations Group Engineers Have Experience With:

Reserve/Resource Estimates:

  • U.S. SEC reserve reports

  • Deterministic reserve/resource estimates

  • Probabilistic reserve/resource estimates

  • Recoverable oil/gas studies

Reservoir Management:

  • Choke managment

  • Hydraulic fracture modeling

  • Waterflood studies

  • Horizontal well spacing studies

  • Production decline analysis

  • Historical type curve analysis

  • Pressure transient analysis

  • Reservoir simulation

Economic Analysis:

  • Economic feasibility studies

  • Discounted cash flows

  • Risk analysis

  • Uncertainty analysis

Production Forecasting:

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