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Brokerage Services

Brokerage Services:


Why Use a Mineral Rights Broker?

Mineral Rights Brokerage Process

Petroleum Evaluations Group offers a full suite of brokerage services to help our clients get higher offers. 

Brokerage services typically cost a mineral owner 1% to 6% of the sale and are only paid after the mineral rights have been successfully transacted. This can be a more affordable alternative for many mineral owners than paying up-front for a mineral appraisal.  Contact Petroleum Evaluations Group for a free consultation. 

If you have questions concerning brokerage services, contact Petroleum Evaluations Group.

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When selling a home, most individuals want someone negotiating on their behalf to make sure they get the highest possible offer. Selling your minerals is no different.

A mineral rights broker makes sure you know how much your mineral rights are worth and gets in contact with a wide number of potential buyers in order to generate numerous competing offers. Petroleum Evaluations Group is here to help you successfully sell your mineral rights for the highest price possible.

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