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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I want a mineral rights appraisal?
    One of the most common reasons people need their oil and gas rights appraised is because they will be changing ownership. Sellers are interested in knowing what they are worth before selling, donating, gifting, or inheriting mineral rights. Some people also need them appraised for legal reasons such as to collect welfare benefits or when making or dissolving a family trust.
  • I am interested in selling my mineral rights, what options do I have?
    One option is to get the mineral rights appraised and then you contact potential buyers and use the appraisal report as a negotiation tool. Alternatively, Petroleum Evaluations Group (PetroEval) can broker your mineral rights and include the appraisal as part of the brokerage fee. The benefit to this approach is that the appraisal does not cost you anything and no fees are due until after the mineral rights have sold.
  • I keep getting offer letters to sell my mineral rights, but they all have wildly different purchased prices. What’s with that?
    There are a wide variety of mineral rights buyers out there, from large companies running sophisticated operations across the country to individuals that only purchase in one county. The wide range of offers reflects different acquisition strategies. Most times even the highest offer you receive passively in the mail will not reflect fair market value. The best way to get a high offer for your mineral rights is to first, know what they are worth and second, market them aggressively to a large number of buyers. We can help with both those steps.
  • Do you have experience in my state and county?
    Yes. Our staff has experience working in all the major oil and gas producing states and counties.
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