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Petroleum Geology

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Petroleum Geology

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All oil and gas property valuation starts with understanding the subsurface geology. At Petroleum Evaluations Group we have extensive experience working in a wide number of geologic basins and with numerous type of oil and gas plays, prospects, and reservoirs.

If you have questions concerning petroleum geology, contact Petroleum Evaluations Group.

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Petroleum geology services provided by Petroleum Evaluations Group include:

Geologic Mapping and Modeling:

  • Subsurface structural (depth) mapping

  • Subsurface isopach (thickness) mapping

  • 3D geocellular modeling

  • Basin modeling and thermal maturation studies


  • 2D seismic interpretation

  • 3D seismic interpretation

  • Seismic attribute analysis

  • Isochron mapping


  • Source rock analysis

  • Oil analysis


  • Petrophysical analysis

  • Estimation of original hydrocarbons in place

  • Geomechanical analysis

  • Identification of recompletion opportunities

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology:

  • Well log correlations

  • Interpretation of core and cuttings

  • Sequence stratigraphy

Petroleum Systems Analysis:

  • Prospect review and evaluation

  • Prospect risking

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