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The Mineral Rights Brokerage Process

Brokerage Services:


Why Use a Mineral Rights Broker?

Mineral Rights Brokerage Process

Petroleum Evaluations Group can support you throughout the entire process of selling your mineral rights, from valuing your minerals, to finding a buyer, to dealing with taxes.

Selling Mineral Rights: A Complex Process

Selling mineral rights can require individuals with a limited understanding of the oil and gas industry to make quick financial decisions for large sums of money.


We appreciate the emotional and financial aspects of selling mineral rights and we invest the necessary time to ensure a smooth and fair sales process. Brokering mineral rights and oil and gas royalties is our business. We are here to help ensure that you get the most money possible for your mineral estate.

Petroleum Evaluations Group follows a three step approach to brokering mineral rights:

1.  Appraise Your Mineral Rights

Our engineers and geologists appraise your property to establish its fair market value, the maximum it could sell for, and the minimum you should accept for your mineral rights. Since most offers a mineral owner receives are on a price-per-acre basis, we ensure that our valuation also includes a $/acre analysis.

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2.  Find Buyers and Negotiate a Sale

We market your property to a large network of potential buyers and use our valuation as a negotiation tool. By knowing just how much a mineral buyer should be willing to pay, we can push during our negotiation for higher offers. We also advertise your property for sale on our mineral rights listing page which reaches numerous buyers of mineral rights and oil and gas royalties.

3. Deal With Taxes

After selling, you will have to pay long term capital gains tax. This tax is often between 15% and 25% of what you made on the sale of your mineral rights. We provide you with a retrospective mineral rights appraisal that establishes the tax basis of your property. This will significantly reduce what you owe the IRS.

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If you have questions concerning brokerage services, contact Petroleum Evaluations Group.

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