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Inter-company Services

Petroleum Evaluations Group supports accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors so that they may better serve their clients.

What Are Inter-company Services?

At Petroleum Evaluations Group we are constantly collaborating with accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors in order to help mineral owners. We have extensive experience working with professionals from these other disciplines. Below is a short list of the type of services we provide accounting, law, and financial firms.

How We Support Accountants

The majority of work we do in collaboration with accountants is Retrospective Mineral Appraisals  for long term capital gains purposes. Many accountants need a tax basis in order to file long term capital gains taxes with federal (IRS) and state agencies. We provide these retrospective appraisals. We can also help accountants investigate any missing royalty revenue and provide professional opinions of the value of mineral rights for various other reasons. Our experts also have experience generating appraisal reports for non-cash charitable donations.

How We Support Lawyers

Although we have collaborated with attorneys that specialize in oil and gas, the majority of lawyers that work with Petroleum Evaluations Groups manage family estates that happen to have mineral rights. These estate lawyers may be working through probate court or other forms of inheritance issues in which a current fair market value of mineral rights is needed. Some lawyers also facilitate the leasing or selling of mineral rights and want an impartial mineral rights valuation to ensure that their client is receiving a fair deal. In some rare cases, our experts have assisted in more uncommon mineral rights legal issues such as divorce settlements or prenuptial agreements.

How We Support Financial Advisors

Many mineral owners have their mineral rights and oil and gas royalties within a financial portfolio that is managed by a financial advisor. Financial advisors have a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments, but are not experts in such things as forecasting oil and gas production or petroleum geology. Petroleum Evaluations Group helps financial advisors make decisions regarding their clients mineral rights. This includes valuation of mineral rights, projecting future oil and gas royalty revenue, and quantifying financial risk around mineral rights holdings.

If you have questions concerning inter-company services, contact Petroleum Evaluation Group.

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